About Us

Verithrust is a trusted source for document and information validation where direct verification does not exist or is limited, and turnaround time is paramount. Our interest is to provide 100% ethically and authentic document/information verification directly obtained from the source. Verithrust deploys advanced and multi-layered security and fire suppression systems to protect all vital and private documents/information obtained through this process.

Authentic documents/information are the foundation of every venture. These validated documents/information build Trust & Relationships in seconds. Although documents/information are everywhere, yet very few are authentic, and there is no medium to verify most of these documents/information and even when there is one, the process of obtaining the validation is very slow and cumbersome. Secure transmission of verified documents to keep their authenticity and originality becomes another challenge that Verithrust is here to resolve. Government Agencies, Businesses, Embassies, Corporate Organizations, and Education Institutions depend largely on the validation we provide to approve, deny and escalate instances and make informed decisions. Quickly being able to confirm claims, ultimately leads to faster approvals and better customer experience, and this is a solution Verithrust brings.

Verithrust is a document and information verification and validation company owned by Dansarhs Signatures, a Canadian and Nigerian registered company that provides corporate business solutions.

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